Spokane class

Tony_PinelleHello all,

This is Tony Pinelle, VDI Senior Consultant. Gary Klugiewicz and I just returned from an Instructor Course for Law Enforcement in Spokane, WA.

I learned a lot, but one of the most impressive topics was the proxemics drills and instruction. The topic was meshing skills; bridging the gap between talking and acting.

First, start with a tactical empathetic stance and posture. This allows the officer to create a supportive atmosphere. Second, if the contact becomes aggressive, the officer doesn’t freeze, but instead responds with the appropriate tactic; sweep and disengage; deliver the appropriate strike to create distance; employ a control tactic; or draw the appropriate weapon to stop the threat. Third, the interesting thing is the verbal communication continues, i.e., the officer’s tone becomes decisive and directive; get back; get on the ground, etc.

Once the situation is stabilized, the office’s tone again becomes supportive. The appropriate tactics are dependent on the totality of the circumstances of each encounter.

Lessons learned: (1.) Stop reacting, and start responding to the ongoing situation. (2.) Be alert, be decisive, and have pre-planned practice response in mind. (3.) Look good and sound good, before, during, and after the encounter!

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