Anthony Pinelle

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

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Tony Pinelle is a Vistelar Consultant and a retired Chief of Public Safety at the Colorado Mental Health Institute. He explains what the Universal Greeting is and how it’s used in establishing credibility. Tony uses a few examples from his personal experiences where starting a conversation out on the right foot brought about a positive…Continue Reading »

  Hello everyone. This is Tony Pinelle, Senior Consultant for Verbal Defense and Influence. During the week of October 13th, I had the pleasure of teaching a Verbal Defense and Influence Instructor Course for youth corrections staff with Gary Klugiewicz.   VDI and youth corrections staff The class was held at the Lookout Mountain Youth…Continue Reading »

Hello, John Fallon here. Why would a vice president of a large corporation spend an afternoon cleaning up debris in the parking lot? Or why would he take a morning to rearrange furniture in the offices? Maybe he does it to relieve stress. Maybe he just wants to get away from his desk and move…Continue Reading »

Greetings. This is Gary Klugiewicz. I am the director of training for Verbal Defense & Influence. The reason I am contacting you is that I would like to share several experiences that I recently had while on a family vacation. We were staying at a cabin in northern Wisconsin. It was a large cabin because…Continue Reading »

I recently attended a 3-day course in conflict resolution titled “The Ethical Protector” directed by Jack Hoban of Resolution Group International and several members of the RGI team, including lieutenant colonel Joe Shusko, USMC (retired). Lt Col Shusko, aka “Joe Marine,” focused his portion of the training on the moral responsibility of leaders to be…Continue Reading »

There is perhaps no greater necessity for a community’s health than establishing and maintaining trust. Doug Lynch, a police officer in Arizona, explains why it’s important for the police to build trust within their community and how departments are making positive connections with the citizens they serve.   Loading the player for 9xBJMbSwsgq… Loading the…Continue Reading »

Facing a rough crowd at the Mall of America. Not really. The students attending the Verbal Defense & Influence instructor class going on this week at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN are a mix of business persons; casino employees; college personnel; military, law enforcement and security personnel; along with public service employees representing…Continue Reading »


While a passenger on an airplane recently, I was sitting alongside a young person who happened to be clicking away on his smart phone. As our plane was preparing to pull away from the gate, the flight attendant made the announcement to “Please turn off all electronic devices.” However, my young friend continued to click…Continue Reading »

Today we speak with a very special guest, Bob “Coach” Lindsey. Coach has received numerous awards and honors, including Outstanding Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year, and the Lifetime Achievement award from the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers and is a true expert in human communication. Ben asks about his thoughts on communication in…Continue Reading »

This week Gary Klugiewicz and Mike Delvaux will be conducting a Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Class at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. Check out Gary and Mike working on their Thinker Stances in front of one of the many attractions in the Amusement Park right outside of their classroom.   The Mall…Continue Reading »