Anthony Pinelle

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

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Thanks to Anthony’s efforts, this communication technique was the blueprint for all communication within the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo, Colo.

Dedicated to the language of respect

Anthony “Tony” L. Pinelle was an employee of the State of Colorado for more than thirty-three years.  He completed psychiatric technician training at the Colorado State Home and Training School and was licensed as a Psychiatric Technician with a developmental disabilities option.  He worked seven years as a Licensed Psychiatric Technician before pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Tony retired, June 30, 2009, as the Chief of Public Safety for the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo, where he was responsible for directing and managing all security and law enforcement operations.  Prior to being promoted to Chief, Tony served as Deputy Chief, Sergeant, Corporal, Police Officer, and Security Officer.

In addition to his experience at the Mental Health Institute, he has been an active Reserve Deputy Sheriff in Pueblo County since 1984 and has provided security and law enforcement services to the Colorado State Fair, as member of their security management team.  He is an established Instructor at the Pueblo Area Law Enforcement Academy at the Pueblo Community College.  He holds a degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Instructor Development Course and the Colorado Department of Human Services Professional Instructor Program.

He has trained thousands of police officers, correctional officers, business professionals, educators, and psychiatric caregivers in the Verbal Defense & Influence technique.  He has intervened in countless volatile situations involving the general public and psychiatric patients, including forensic, general adult, and adolescents.

He is committed to the Verbal Defense & Influence philosophy and brings to the Institute his unique teaching style.