Anthony Pinelle

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

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Check out these comments from Anthony’s clients:


“Anthony Pinelle is one of our most popular speakers.  Mr. Pinelle always conducts his presentations with professionalism, and promotes our mission and values. We look forward to having him as a guest speaker in the future.
John Koncilja, President, Pueblo Safety and Health Promotion Council

“Oftentimes the Department of Human Services is faced with potentially agitated and volatile clients.  The Human Services staff is limited in what they can do to control a potentially violent situation. The Verbal Defense & Influence model was adopted because it addresses key goals of the Department, such as personal safety, enhancing professionalism, decreasing client complaints and liability, with additional goals of increasing moral and credibility.  Training provided by Mr. Pinelle was well received by a variety of staff, case managers, caseworkers, general assistants, receptionists, and a fraud investigator. I would certainly recommend this training to any organization that may encounter difficult individuals.  Even though this model was initially developed for Law Enforcement, the principles can be adapted to fit the target population of any agency.”
David D. Holt, Ph.D., Fremont County Department of Human Services

“Tony Pinelle is highly respected in law enforcement and educating law enforcement officers and students at Colorado State University-Pueblo and at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo (CMHIP). Verbal Defense & Influence is important to our staff because it teaches how to speak and act professionally under pressure. CMHIP has found this curriculum to be extremely helpful to our staff when engaging with patient populations who can escalate quickly and at time be assaultive.  Tony is highly qualified to teach the concepts of Verbal Defense & Influence, and I highly recommend him as a competent instructor of Verbal Judo.”
Judy P. Weaver, Director of Staff Education, CMHIP

“Our Department thoroughly enjoyed the training seminar presented to us on February 16, 2009. One of the best lessons was to employ ’empathy’ in dealing with people.  The information is very applicable for people who work with the public in often controversial, confrontational situations.  The Pueblo City-County Health Department has found Verbal Defense & Influence to be beneficial and valid training course and recommends it for other organizations looking for this type of training.”
Heather Maio, Director of Environmental Health

“I highly recommend Anthony Pinelle as a verbal communication instructor.  He has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially in the law enforcement community. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics are truly superior.  I recommend Tony to you without reservation.”
Joseph Albo, Coordinator, Pueblo Law Enforcement Academy

“I recommend Tony Pinelle and the excellent program he presents as a Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor.  I can attest to his excellent work, ethic, high degree of competency and expert knowledge of the subject matter he presents.  His training developed poise and people skills in employees that contributed to the successful resolution of many issues and problems that we experience in law enforcement.”
Phillip T. Bue, Deputy Chief of Police (Ret.) Maywood (Illinois) Police Department

“In an operational context, upon completion of Verbal Defense & Influence training staff at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo (CMHIP) have without question shown increased professionalism with positive patient outcomes and improved staff confidence when dealing with critical situations.
Roger Gillespie, RN, BSN, Division Manager, CMHIP

“As a public school administrator for many years, I could not believe I had never heard of Verbal Defense & Influence.  I still remember my first class with Mr. Pinelle as an instructor. I was thinking that this should be mandatory training for every public school teacher in the nation.  It is one class that I encouraged all of my teachers to go to more frequently than required by CMHIP.”
Greg Nolan (Ret.) Director of Education, CMHIP

“I want to thank you for the fine job you did for us at Maumee Bay this week. I thought your presentation was exceptional. Your ability to include job appropriate examples, your vast experience in law enforcement and your professional delivery made the day very beneficial for me personally and for our officers. I’ll look forward to another chance to host you for training.”
Scott D. Fletcher Deputy Chief, Ohio State Parks